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Analysis of genomic poly(A) sites
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Branchiostoma belcheri
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Annotated genes matched the keyword: 'TLR'    total: 40      *click 'View'-labled button to detail genes in a new page [Help]  

 Detail *   id   gene_id/transcript_id/protein_id  gene name (sympol)  locus (link view in Gbrowse)   descriptions & notes 
1 Bb_008890R; Bb_008890R; Bb_008890R TLR22  Sc0000001(-):3848026-3849060 toll-like receptor 22 
2 Bb_081790F; Bb_081790F; Bb_081790F TLR22  Sc0000037(+):1642336-1645543 toll-like receptor 22 
3 Bb_074020R; Bb_074020R; Bb_074020R TLR Sc0000032(-):222708-228465 toll-like receptor 2 
4 Bb_074010R; Bb_074010R; Bb_074010R TLR Sc0000032(-):214066-219151 toll-like receptor 2 
5 Bb_049630F; Bb_049630F; Bb_049630F TLR Sc0000016(+):988872-993328 toll-like receptor 2 
6 Bb_040990R; Bb_040990R; Bb_040990R Tril  Sc0000011(-):2529843-2536395 TLR4 interactor with leucine-rich repeats 
7 Bb_350770R; Bb_350770R; Bb_350770R TLR22  xpSc0006318(-):1306-3915  
8 Bb_343250R; Bb_343250R; Bb_343250R TLR22  xpSc0005415(-):12234-13637  
9 Bb_342420F; Bb_342420F; Bb_342420F TLR22  xpSc0005384(+):169-1158 toll-like receptor 22 
10 Bb_340410F; Bb_340410F; Bb_340410F TLR1Lb  xpSc0005315(+):4208-5910 toll-like receptor 6 
11 Bb_328040F; Bb_328040F; Bb_328040F TLR22  xfSc0000511(+):72-1523 toll-like receptor 22 
12 Bb_327720R; Bb_327720R; Bb_327720R TLR22  xfSc0000475(-):7121-9763  
13 Bb_314330R; Bb_314330R; Bb_314330R TLR22  Sc0001700(-):4854-7739  
14 Bb_310300F; Bb_310300F; Bb_310300F TLR22  Sc0001460(+):2410-6649 toll-like receptor 22 
15 Bb_308430F; Bb_308430F; Bb_308430F TLR22  Sc0001368(+):4869-7277 toll-like receptor 22 
16 Bb_300220F; Bb_300220F; Bb_300220F TLR Sc0001090(+):21334-21765  
17 Bb_288000F; Bb_288000F; Bb_288000F TLR Sc0000829(+):53690-54103 Toll-like receptor 4 
18 Bb_284020F; Bb_284020F; Bb_284020F TLR2-1  Sc0000769(+):55784-57750 Toll-like receptor 2 type-1 
19 Bb_283530R; Bb_283530R; Bb_283530R TLR Sc0000764(-):579-2311  
20 Bb_283590F; Bb_283590F; Bb_283590F TLR Sc0000764(+):37337-39352 Toll-like receptor 2 
21 Bb_266770F; Bb_266770F; Bb_266770F TLR22  Sc0000563(+):74957-77209 toll-like receptor 22 
22 Bb_005250F; Bb_005250F; Bb_005250F TLR22  Sc0000000(+):7124924-7136080  
23 Bb_248570R; Bb_248570R; Bb_248570R TLR Sc0000414(-):37167-50219  
24 Bb_247730R; Bb_247730R; Bb_247730R TLR Sc0000409(-):38738-39217  
25 Bb_242340F; Bb_242340F; Bb_242340F TLR22  Sc0000374(+):159366-160502 toll-like receptor 22 
26 Bb_231830F; Bb_231830F; Bb_231830F TLR15  Sc0000319(+):69316-70083 Toll-like receptor 15 
27 Bb_231630F; Bb_231630F; Bb_231630F TLR22  Sc0000318(+):130648-131412 toll-like receptor 22 
28 Bb_229170F; Bb_229170F; Bb_229170F TLR Sc0000306(+):72874-76124 toll-like receptor 2 
29 Bb_226440R; Bb_226440R; Bb_226440R TLR22  Sc0000296(-):76758-79673 Putative uncharacterized protein 
30 Bb_225420R; Bb_225420R; Bb_225420R TLR22  Sc0000291(-):95281-98613 toll-like receptor 22 
31 Bb_210760F; Bb_210760F; Bb_210760F TLR22  Sc0000236(+):159608-163767 toll-like receptor 22 
32 Bb_198510R; Bb_198510R; Bb_198510R TLR15  Sc0000196(-):483936-487298 Toll-like receptor 15 
33 Bb_192380R; Bb_192380R; Bb_192380R TLR22  Sc0000182(-):396139-397569 toll-like receptor 22 
34 Bb_178280F; Bb_178280F; Bb_178280F TLR21  Sc0000153(+):676650-687184 toll-like receptor 21 
35 Bb_121950F; Bb_121950F; Bb_121950F TLR15  Sc0000076(+):37843-41592 Tollo 
36 Bb_119680F; Bb_119680F; Bb_119680F TLR22  Sc0000073(+):152038-155120 toll-like receptor 22 
37 Bb_116630R; Bb_116630R; Bb_116630R TLR22  Sc0000070(-):585039-588606 toll-like receptor 22 
38 Bb_116640F; Bb_116640F; Bb_116640F TLR22  Sc0000070(+):589887-592696 toll-like receptor 22 
39 Bb_112210R; Bb_112210R; Bb_112210R TLR22  Sc0000065(-):1055257-1058205 toll-like receptor 22 
40 Bb_105210F; Bb_105210F; Bb_105210F TLR22  Sc0000058(+):1048998-1051893 toll-like receptor 22 
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(Leiming You, et al. Nucleic Acids Res. 2015, 43: D59-D67) APASdb: a database describing alternative poly(A) sites and selection of heterogeneous cleavage sites downstream of poly(A) signals.

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