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Analysis of genomic poly(A) sites
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Branchiostoma belcheri
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Annotated genes matched the keyword: 'hox'    total: 18      *click 'View'-labled button to detail genes in a new page [Help]  

 Detail *   id   gene_id/transcript_id/protein_id  gene name (sympol)  locus (link view in Gbrowse)   descriptions & notes 
1 Bb_266400R; Bb_266400R; Bb_266400R phox2b  Sc0000560(-):28310-31195 Paired mesoderm homeobox protein 2B 
2 Bb_207450F; Bb_207450F; Bb_207450F shox Sc0000224(+):282763-294956 short stature homeobox protein 2-like 
3 Bb_191570R; Bb_191570R; Bb_191570R hox15  Sc0000180(-):469552-472744 Homeobox protein hox15 
4 Bb_191550R; Bb_191550R; Bb_191550R hox14  Sc0000180(-):371956-374920 Homeobox protein hox14 
5 Bb_191540R; Bb_191540R; Bb_191540R hox13  Sc0000180(-):304144-306766 homeobox protein hox13 
6 Bb_191530R; Bb_191530R; Bb_191530R hox12  Sc0000180(-):294505-297572 homeobox protein hox12 
7 Bb_191510R; Bb_191510R; Bb_191510R hox11  Sc0000180(-):276817-282651 homeobox protein hox11 
8 Bb_191490R; Bb_191490R; Bb_191490R hox10  Sc0000180(-):242972-243559 homeobox protein hox-A10-like 
9 Bb_191460R; Bb_191460R; Bb_191460R hox Sc0000180(-):144053-145880 homeobox protein hox-C9a-like 
10 Bb_191450R; Bb_191450R; Bb_191450R hox Sc0000180(-):129432-132210 homeobox protein hox-D8-like 
11 Bb_191440R; Bb_191440R; Bb_191440R hox Sc0000180(-):104553-105726 homeobox protein hox-A7-like 
12 Bb_191430R; Bb_191430R; Bb_191430R hox Sc0000180(-):66920-68055 homeobox protein hox-B6-like 
13 Bb_191420R; Bb_191420R; Bb_191420R hox Sc0000180(-):57008-60099 homeobox protein hox-B5-like 
14 Bb_191400R; Bb_191400R; Bb_191400R hox Sc0000180(-):4883-6427 homeobox protein hox-B4a-like 
15 Bb_180310F; Bb_180310F; Bb_180310F prhoxnb/urad  Sc0000158(+):43802-45106 2-oxo-4-hydroxy-4-carboxy-5-ureidoimidazoline decarboxylase 
16 Bb_175690F; Bb_175690F; Bb_175690F hox Sc0000149(+):29029-30332 homeobox protein hox-A1-like 
17 Bb_175680F; Bb_175680F; Bb_175680F hox Sc0000149(+):21168-22190 homeobox protein hox-B2-like 
18 Bb_175660F; Bb_175660F; Bb_175660F hox Sc0000149(+):8865-15508 homeobox protein hox
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(Leiming You, et al. Nucleic Acids Res. 2015, 43: D59-D67) APASdb: a database describing alternative poly(A) sites and selection of heterogeneous cleavage sites downstream of poly(A) signals.

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