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Analysis of genomic poly(A) sites
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Sequence obtained by querying the dataset: Proteins/B.belcheri_HapV2(v7h2)_proteins
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Current detected sequences from to

>Bb_119680F:1-543 119680F_106410_in Sc0000073:152038-155120(+) tlr22 toll-like receptor 22

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 [transcript: Bb_119680F] [APASdb: Alternative polyadenylation sties] [Gbrowser: Mapping view

 InterPro protein Families and Domains annotation matched:
 InterPro/Pfam Id  Locus  E-value  Description
  IPR001611  19-72  3.5E-14  Leucine-rich repeat
  IPR000157  313-461  2.1E-20  Toll/interleukin-1 receptor homology (TIR) domain