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Branchiostoma belcheri
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Gene id: Bb_073760F 
Gene name: ssr4
Chromosome: Sc0000031(+)
Gene locus: Sc0000031(+):1764674-1771073
Gene description: signal sequence receptor, delta

Transcript id: Bb_073760F 
Transcript name: ssr4
Transcript locus: Sc0000031(+):1764674-1771073

Start codon: 1764674
Stop codon: 1771071
Alternative polyA sites: Mapped to the searched transcript (containing the 5' and 3' flanking region of 1kb).
1770222, 1771090, 1771411, 1771566
polyA signals: none, AATAAA, none, none

  GO annotation matched    
 GO Id Ontology Term
 QuickGO:0005783  Cellular Component  endoplasmic reticulum 
 QuickGO:0016021  Cellular Component  integral to membrane 
  InterPro protein Families and Domains annotation matched 
 InterPro Id Term
 InterPro:IPR008855  Translocon-associated 
  KEGG annotation matched  
 KEGG Id Definition
 KO:K04571   translocon-associated protein subunit delta 
  mRNA/CDS sequence ( exon splicing-sites gapped by the sympol ' / ' )     
>Bb_073760F 522bp 
Protein product:
  Amino acids sequence (deduced by the coding sequence)  
> ssr4(Bb_073760F) 174aa
Bb_073760F ssr4 ,signal sequence receptor, delta.
October 24, 2017. last modified
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