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Immunological Research Based on Zebrafish


  The zebrafish, one of the favourite animals of developmental biologists, offers many advantages over other model systems including ease of manual experimentation and drug administration and its prolific fecundity. A great advantage for immunologists is the optical transparency of zebrafish during early development. The zebrafish is rapidly gaining ground in infection models and become the model system of immunological research.

Our interest on Immunological Research Based on Zebrafish
  We mainly focus on the Immune response of zebrafish challenged by various pathogens, compare it with mammals, and elucidate the function of proteins in zebrafish acute phase response. Meanwhile, we investigate the characteristics of TLR signaling in zebrafish in order to understand the differences of their components and response to microbes between fish and mammals.


Research Areas---some interesting results


1.Strategy of exploring zebrafish immune system



2.Acute phase response in zebrafish: striking similarities and obvious differences with mammals


3.Zebrafish TRIF was localized to the specific cytoplasmic site.

4.Localization of truncated forms of zebrafish TRIF.

5. Specific expression of zebrafish DDAH genes

January 24, 2018. last modified
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